Individual Counseling

There are varied reasons why an individual needs counseling. One of the most important decisions you will make is whether to take the first step by seeking professional counseling from a trained therapist. Each person's life is a journey made up of a unique heritage, childhood experiences, physical characteristics, unique personality traits, a temperament, and a character. Outside life influences and one's internal processes make each individual unique. My counseling approach is eclectic and is custom tailored for each client as no one client is the same. A person's story, situation, and life is different, therefore counseling should be approached in the same manner. My approach is warm but direct, listening intently to what your needs may be. Whether you are experiencing a recent or past traumatic situation, or a specific disorder, I approach each session with genuine care and concern counseling from the therapeutic approach that is best for you. I also offer faith-based, biblical counseling if that is the client's preference.

I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of individual disorders including the following:

Eating Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Drug Addiction
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Relational Issues
Self Esteem/Identity Issues

Marriage and Couples Counseling

As beautiful and wonderful as the union of two people is, sharing a life together can become difficult even in the best of unions. Admitting there is a problem or area(s) of improvement and then seeking out professional help, reveals a strong desire to nurture, heal, and protect the quality of that union. Whether a couple is dealing with emotional, circumstantial, or other stress factors affecting the relationship, working together to improve or even repair the unin a controlled, safe, healthy environment with a professional, will bring healing and improvement to the relationship. If only one party is willing to participate in counseling, the relationship can still grow and improve. Many times individual counseling is needed in conjunction with marriage or couples counseling. The principle that the "whole is only as good as the individual parts" is true for a couple's relationship too, therefore individual counseling brings clarity and healing for that person which will benefit the union. In addition to the underlying reason(s) for instability in the relationship, fundamental aspects of the marriage will be discussed, including: effective communication, intimacy, and financial influences. If you have been married for years and have a good marriage, but want to improve it...counseling is beneficial as well. If you have been to counseling and resolved the main reason that initiated the step, but desire to maintain and continue to walk closely, then periodic counseling visits are extremely beneficial and foster continued openness and intimacy in the relationship. I also advise Pre-marital counseling as an effective tool to help in the transition of marriage.

Play Therapy for Children

Different situations and experiences bring children to counseling. Anything that disrupts a child's environment and security will contribute to their behavior. Children usually have a difficult time putting into words how they feel and what has happened to them. Play therapy is an excellent counseling tool used to help children  express what they are feeling and what has happened. Observing, interacting and talking with them during play therapy promotes openness and healing of their emotions. Conveying the symptoms, progress, and suggestions to the parents, allows for understanding and emotional healing between both child and parent. Parents begin to see and understand more clearly what their child is experiencing and how they are feeling. Understanding the reason(s) associated with a child's change in behavior and/or feelings, while working toward resolution of these feelings through play therapy promotes emotional healing and stability. Depending on the individual maturity level, play therapy is most effective with children age three to twelve.

Adolescent Counseling

The psychosocial therapist, Eric Erikson, explains the time period of adolescence as Identity vs. Identity Crisis.Adolescents are trying to define themselves, discover who they are, form individuality in their beliefs, while learning to think for themselves. Abstract thinking is still being developed and their reasoning capacity is being challenged at every turn. Not only do adolescents experience emotional and intellectual changes, but hormonal physical changes, which bring feelings and emotions never experienced before. Communication between adolescents and their parents is crucial. Many families suffer imbalance as a result of not knowing how to properly communicate. Teaching effective communication skills for adolescents and giving them opportunities to use these skills provides openness and reduces levels of anxiety in the home. The adolescent time period can be unsettling and a time of experimenting with drugs, sexual activities, and harmful engagements. Their behavior may scream "I want to be left alone," when truly the adolescent wants to be understood and helped. When counseling this age group, my goal is to let them know they have a voice, and what they think, feel and say matters. They soon realize in the sessions they have an opportunity to express their thoughts in a safe environment that encourages respect and understanding.


GPS Counseling
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